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Catch Up Day / Christmas end of year Lunch

Tauranga Yacht and Powerboat Club, Sulphur Point
11 November 2021 as part of our Catch Up Day.





Catch Up Days


These days are provided for Principals once a term. They are an opportunity for Principals to network with colleagues and support each other, for Professional Learning, to meet with the MOE in relation to aspects of NZ Education, to share thinking and contribute to national and local educational work.

Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Place: The Tauranga Yacht & Powerboat Club (90 Keith Allen Drive, Tauranga)


  • Term 1 - 10 March

  • Term 2 - 20 May

  • Term 3 - 5 August

  • Term 4 - 11 November


MOE Regional Hui - Information Dump


The WBOPPA Executive brokers an opportunity for Principals to meet Kanohi ki kanohi once a Term with MOE staff in relation to timely MOE information that needs to be shared.

Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Place: The Tauranga Yacht & Powerboat Club (90 Keith Allen Drive, Tauranga)


  • Term 1 - 1 April

  • Term 2 - 7 July

  • Term 3 - 2 September

  • Term 4 - Cancelled


Annual Professional Learning/Hauora Retreat


Once a year an trip out of our region is organised to enable Principals to have an opportunity to be involved in Professional Learning, visit schools, spend time together sharing expertise and look after their own wellbeing.

14 - 18 June 2021, Dunedin


The WBOPPA Executive also looks for opportunities throughout the year to provide Professional Learning for Principals at other times. Principals throughout the motu contact their local executive rep if they hear of anything that may be appropriate.


























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